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Website build

We understand that each website is unique and has its own set of requirements. That is why we offer customizable options starting from £70. We also provide a free consultation to discuss your needs and help you choose the best option for your business.

We believe in providing a robust solution that minimizes the need for repairs or maintenance. While extensions or updates may be necessary in the future, we strive to ensure that your initial build is as durable as possible.


Websites need to be hosted. We understand that choosing the right web hosting service can be a daunting task. We find many solutions offer pricing which waste resources for smaller clients. That is why we have made it easy for you to compare our features and choose what is nessasery for your needs.

  • Packages include a zero cost allotment of resources.
  • Billable units are calculated after the zero cost resources have been depleted.
  • If applicable, additional invoices are charged at a rate commensurate with usage.
SourceNetwork egressStorage/monthOther/bill

Console usage can become expensive when using resources outside of the zero cost allotment. Get in contact about enterprise options.

Zero cost resource allotment

In short, websites can easily serve upwards of 16,000 new customers per month while staying within zero cost.

The host package zero cost allotment can cover website costs serving from [4,000 to 10,000] customers per month. If your usage happens to be low on a particular month, its resources carry over to other months and packages, or vice versa.

Plus, a daily zero cost allotment of hosting egress resources serving from [400 to 1,500] unique customers, included comes as standard with all hosting packages.

Plus, a monthly zero cost allotment of website build usage worth £10, comes included as standard with the premium package.

Quick price estimate

If you expect to receive lots of traffic, we can help you calculate your costs. In many cases, all costs are covered in the one-off-fee and there is no need for any additional invoices. However, as there are a myriad of factors which can effect real world usage, it is a good idea make a prediction without taking into account any zero cost allotment or reduced page costs.

In general, FTSE 100 companies use lots of features, and good implementations tend to the top of [200KB to 2MB].

In 1 MB you can store around 500 pages of text.

Our expert crafted websites often preform even better than advertised. Due to the many optimisations we have developed over the years.

Host source

For example, my home page is approximately 259KB, I can expect to serve a single page to 3,861 unique customers for £0.23, or 386,100 unique customers for £20.03. Additional page requests from the same customer are cheaper. If your pages contain only text, or the users browser does not re-request previously acquired assets, you can expect to be closer to 500,000 pages per £0.23.

Console source

For premium users, your usage from the console needs to consider other factors such as rolling backups, network egress costs, and any additional add-ons.

If deployed frequently, it will lead to using multiple GBs of console usage. The storage requirement is under 1 GB. Total costs are £0.75. It is worth noting that console usage remains unaffected by any increase in front-end hosting page requests or unique customers.

All sources togeather

Taking into account the example mentioned earlier, for websites which receive initial load request sizes ranging from [200KB to 800KB], with a unique content per page ratio ranging from [0.5 to 0.7] and user behavior with four unique page requests. Furthermore, the website handles several re-requests from all existing customers. In addition, 20,000 new customers each month. Lastly, the total number of changes made by multiple team members in a month is over 200.

Your expected bill:

SourceNetwork egressStorage/monthOther/year

Total: 70 + 120 + (£0.90 + £0.55) x 12 = 207.4 / year

Total including a website build: £277.4 in year one

Host features

Enterprise clients generally make thousands of requests per hour, make hundreds of website deploys per month, or can benefit from bespoke management. Please get in contact if you would like to discuss options. However, large request volume is not a necessity, if you have any suggestions, or issues, please let us know. Some changes may fall under a zero cost zone.

MonitoringLimitedIncludedFrom £0
Traffic ProtectionLimitedIncludedFrom £0
Expert SupportIncludedIncludedFrom £0
Code UpdatesLimitedIncludedFrom £0
RepositoryIncludedIncludedFrom £5/pm
Total SecurityIncludedIncludedIncluded
Build Staging AreaNoneIncludedIncluded
Build BackupsNoneIncludedIncluded
Console (CMS)NoneIncludedIncluded
Analysis reportsIncludedIncludedIncluded

Console features

Our console and editor includes the following features by default.

Within the yearly costs of the console include a basic declaration for your data model. If you desire monthly billing it can be arranged. A one-time fee is required if you need a admin data model to be written. 📩.

Rich text
Configuation settings
Create page
Duplicate page
Modify page
Drafts & editoral workflow

Host integration add-ons

Add-ons come with a one-time additional cost commensurate with the work required for your theme to support any data pipeline.

They may also incour additional console source network egress costs or annual service fees.

Our themes support add-ons seamlessly. However, currently additional modules must be added manually to your codebase object and validated.

Private deploy previews
Authoritative product info sync
Client product info sync
Client local inventory sync
Fixed hosting price
Product info search
Product info recommendations
Basket and payments
Scheduling via console (manual)
Scheduling integration
User authenticated pages (+login)
Website search
Custom SaaS integration📩📩

May use external providers, for example, PayPal. Consult the individual add-ons for more information.

Can be effortlessly migrated to other hosting providers.

Despite all the optimisations we make, deploying an SEO website still comes with a high cost. That is why, at large scale, it is more reasonable to use add-ons when features do not necessarily require optimisation for the web. By doing so, we potentially reduce the network egress cost to levels comparable to sending text pages. Any add on can be replaced with multiple third party/internal services. However, each SaaS platform has its own niche benefits, costs and disadvantages.

Website build features

We firmly believe that anything is possible when it comes to creating custom websites. If you have a specific request that is not listed on our website, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are always open to discussing new and unique ideas with our clients. However, we also offer a range of typical options that are readily available for our website builds. We strive to provide our customers with a comprehensive set of choices to ensure that their website meets all their requirements and exceeds their expectations.

AnalyticsGoogle, other
Coupons with qr codesIncluded
Custom sharing with navigator/qr codesIncluded
Landing pageIncluded
Gallery pageIncluded
About pageIncluded
Custom page typesIncluded📩
Blog & taxonomyIncluded
Data tablesIncluded
Maps viewerGoogle, other
Social embedsMany
Media embedsYoutube, other
Contact formMany*
Mailing lists & sign upMany*
RSS feedIncluded

Items with * use third party services and may incour a cost.