Where our console shines.

Our easy-to-use console is perfect for websites which need affordable cost, hassle free hosting, or an endless number of add-ons.

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Performance and cost.

Are you concerned about your website’s compatibility with the content rail-road? You don’t want to be left running on incompatible tracks. We understand your concerns, and that’s why we use the most applicable industry-standard components that enable a migration-ready and collaboration-friendly experience for businesses like yours. Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of our editor - it’s feature-light but highly configurable and trusted by industry leaders all over the world.

You can find more information on the console/editor here - view request hosting.

Our solution can scale endlessly, catering to companies with user bases in the billions. It can handle heavy traffic and network attacks without downtime, which sets it apart from traditional server solutions. With its immutable nature, it can confidently scale to any traffic without a hiccup. Additionally, it can charge based solely on its own usage, ensuring that you don’t receive any unnecessary bills. You can trust us to keep your website stable and reliable even during peak traffic, providing uninterrupted access.

As your business grows to become the next titan, it’s crucial to have a HTML theme that can support an endless number of extensions. Our expert-crafted HTML theme is just what you need to empower your business with the flexibility to grow and scale seamlessly. With our theme, you can easily add new features and functionalities to your website without worrying about compatibility issues.

Building websites with typical graphical user interface website builders can be limiting and often come with a considerable amount of technical debt. The excessive features can increase your hosting cost and bloat your markup.

When it comes to ensuring that your website is up-to-date and can handle any extension, our industry-standard approach is the way to go. We provide the best content in an easy-to-use manner for your admins and users. Our cutting-edge infrastructure ensures that your website is built and hosted with optimal efficiency, allowing for lightning-fast speeds and significant cost savings. With our components, your website can scale seamlessly and without any impedance, providing a reliable and scalable solution that can take your business to the next level.

Optimal host conditions

It’s important to acknowledge that website build solutions are not one-size-fits-all. Each solution has its own strengths and limitations, and it’s important to recognize where they excel. Any custom requests are welcome. However, for those with vital requirements outside of the ideal conditions we list, a bespoke build solution may be necessary to meet your particular needs.

Our themes are designed to perform best on websites with a moderate number of pages or product inventories, typically in the range of a few hundred. However, they have also been successfully used by websites with hundreds of thousands of pages. A good metric that indicates if our solution is the right choice, is the number of changes to content. Each time some peice of content is changed, your website page must be re-generated. This means if the time spent building those pages is less than leaving a server on 24/7. This solution looks good. In practice, this works because each time a change is made, we start a computer, generate your page, send it to the CDN, and turn the computer off. And the CDN simply stores a file and retrieves it on request.

For those cases where you would like to display more than typical products, and your console usage is high, it’s advisable to split your content into multiple sites. Remember, you can reuse your theme, everything’s modular. This way, you can still squeeze every last drop of benefit out of your resources.

Search engine optimisation

SEO can be broadly classified into two categories - technical SEO and traditional SEO. Technical SEO focuses on the technical aspects of creating a website that is easily accessible and understandable by search engine crawlers. It deals with creating structured content that can be easily crawled and indexed by search engines. On the other hand, traditional SEO is focused on optimising the content of your website to achieve various goals, such as improving the website’s ranking on search engine result pages, increasing traffic to the website, and enhancing user engagement.

Our websites have perfect technical SEO scores, and provide the means for your content to score perfect as-well.

User flow.

We not only take care of the technical aspects of the development process, but also make sure that your website is highly accessible and up-to-date by our tight integration with HTML.

The end users, your consumers, get an experience unbounded by any limitations. Need I say anymore. Moving on.

Administration flow.

Websites are a collaboration between multiple internal actors, developers and editorial staff. We strive to provide the best possible interface to both users through multiple separate formats, HTML and markdown.

While developing websites, and while hosting, we conduct automated analysis to ensure your websites robustness across all pages. This helps you identify any missed opportunity for website content improvements. We run analysis periodically during any development, or prefer reports for each website deployment.

Find more information here - view writing your own content.


In short, team members must be trusted with read-only access to the entire codebase object.

Many web site builders can offer great features, but in many cases this creates situations where features are left unused. Using our approach, we leverage the codebase object to provide many functions typically provided by many components. This greatly simplifies the complexity of any overall infrastructure and bootstraps on something you already require. Simply storage.

However, since each team member must have access to the storage of the whole codebase object, there is no provided method for restricting categories of information from particular team members.

It is possible to give users read-only access.

Editorial staff, content and configuration

Using our editor, your editorial staff can edit freely and configure the files to produce your website. With the default configuration provided by our hosting packages, and the configuration options added to your theme, you can create countless engaging experiences for your users.

Websites builds are actually just a bunch of files, and by leveraging data input from the content management system, features can be configured in any way. This gives the benefits of a typical “Wordpress plugin” without any of the head-aches.

Editors get all the features which have been configured in your theme, while producing their content in the most appropriate format ensures robust data storage. Divergent from this methodology comes complete version control and content history. Which is perfect for many use cases, for those businesses with regulatory requirements which would benefit from being able to show regulators your content at point in the past, being able to track the work of editors, or would like to easily revert any changes.

Developers and development

Although the console is suitable for most features that require using primitive data input types, there are times when automating data collection can be advantageous. This is where the HTML theme comes in handy as it can accommodate more extensions than any other platform. You can effortlessly customise your theme to match any new data collection schemes.

By eliminating the reliance on a server, the HTML theme allows developers to choose the best tools and work locally without requiring any authorisation from a production server.

Moreover, developers can enjoy a significant advantage thanks to the HTML theme, which results in a cutting-edge code repository that builds into a website. The code can be developed locally by team members from around the world, without the need to call a server. This eliminates the extra and unnecessary requirements imposed by a server, giving developers the freedom to implement anything they desire in their preferred manner.

Businesses can achieve major wins in several key areas, including maintenance, ongoing costs, and all the topics mentioned earlier. The server no longer requires developers to have the same level of expertise, resulting in a decrease of at least 300%. This has lowered the cost of development while increasing the specialisation of developers.

More information can be found here - view enterprise data models.

Automation and ownership.

Our website builder is a repository that is owned by you, the business. This means that adding add-ons to automate aspects of the website flow has never been easier. All you have to do is add the code, configure the administration settings, and you are good to go.

Top quality artefact

When we say we produce an artifact, we mean a real codebase object that you have complete control over. You can modify it, sell it, add to it, replace parts of it, and more. Once your web business starts booming, this codebase object becomes the perfect asset for your enterprise. Your own developers can easily pick up the development without having to change anything. The codebase object remains immutable, allowing you complete control.

Our build solution is used by many FTSE 100 companies and is the world’s fastest framework for web building. Our admin solution is feature-light but highly configurable, which is important because it allows your business to own your administration editor. And when the time is right, you can migrate it to your internal business infrastructure. We are not renting you access to our website and editor, we are hosting your website and editor. All while helping you along the way.

By having control over the admin, website, and content, all elements can be modularized. This means that you can take your content from one theme to another, and even switch web developers, without any changes to the immutable content. When you deploy your content elsewhere, it will be exactly the same as deploying it on our hosting infrastructure, ensuring consistency and reliability.